A Little about me !


My name is Sylvia, I am from Costa Rica and my passion is traveling and this blog was born to share my travel experiences with other travelers. 

Everything that involves traveling makes me excited, from arranging my bag before a trip, taking the ride, or arriving to an unknown location.  It is hard to explain, perhaps my favorite word of  the English language could explain it; wanderlust ( a strong desire to travel) .

Traveling makes my mind expand, don’t you love that first day when everything is new?  the language is completely indecipherable, and the streets unfamiliar, each step a challenge?

I do love that; because makes feel free !
One of my secret pleasures is eating street food and I dare to try anything and everything, life is short, as they say.

having a great time at the Hard Rock Hotel Papagayo

 My background
For over 15 years I had my own business, a receptive travel agency in Costa Rica and for this reason, I know my beautiful country from A to Z, which allows me to  design all kind of customized trips within this tropical paradise .

I also founded a Destination Wedding Planning Company, as an answer to our clients demand,  it was an instant hit, hundreds of sunsets and cute couples in white, a very demanding job, but also, very gratifying .

 However,  my love for traveling pushed me to a radical change… We sold the business, and changed stability for adventure, and I am talking in plural because my beloved family had no other option than follow my crazy plans.

So, next step was convincing my hubby Gary ( which wasn’t very hard by the way ) and after selling/giving away all our belongs, renting our house out, organize and throw away the rest of the many material possessions we accumulated along the years and sending our daughter to study in a very far away country, we were free to travel !

Over the past 3 years, we  have visited more than 25 countries together and each place and each person we met had left a mark in our souls.   

Travel with Sylvia 

Now we have decided to be in  Costa Rica for a while and I have come back to my original passion, the tourism business because I really enjoy  to help people to have a terrific trip to my paradise !

This country has been blessed with nature, marvelous beaches, wild life, and friendly local people and each area offers amazing accommodation, secret hikes, adrenaline tours, fun activities, yummy food, something for everybody and I am more than happy to share all the fun  with you .

 The past few months I have been busy, visiting hotels, and trying different adventures, that I want to share with future travelers .

My goal is to create an unforgettable trip for everyone, my experience would help travelers to plan a trip that fulfill their expectations and stay within their budget.  

My service is totally personalized, from video calls to understand your expectations to customize the perfect trip proposal at the right price.

But, we go beyond planning your visit, when you arrive, we would be your local friend, we meet, we talk, we laugh and I will be one call away during your time here for any question.


We can create the full itinerary for you and your group, quoted it and booked it, all you need to do is buy your plane ticket and bring your shorts !

But, if you are the independent type, we can also help you with recommendations about itineraries, where to go, distances, best way to save time and money or any doubts you have.

One thing I am very proud of is my eye to find discounts and my skills to get great negotiations, I do comparison sheets, and check prices of hotels and tour operators, after all, I am a traveler too and I know every penny counts .

We can also help you with hotel reservations, car rentals, transportation options, tours and  food experience recommendations, all of that can be booked with us, to make things smooth and easy.

I am here to make your life easier and help you have a memorable trip to Costa Rica, stress free .

TE QUIERO CONTAR  is a constant pursuit for unique experiences , to fulfill life with colors and allow others to enjoy those too.

LGBT Weddings

I am also back as a wedding coordinator, with a great project exclusive for LGBT market that makes me so excited Diverse Weddings  .  This is an opportunity to support a community that has been struggling for the recognition of their rights and deserve equality and respect.

I am so happy to put my experience as a wedding planner at the service of the gay community, local and international, it gives me the opportunity to work with wonderful couples, get to know their love stories and plan stunning weddings for them .

Legal gay marriage will happen in Costa Rica after May 26th 2020, and we are ready to  guide the couples through a wonderful celebration in paradise.

My life is a daily trip .

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