I want to tell you about my country Costa Rica

CostaRica is a small country located within America Central, in between Nicaragua and Panama, a lovely place with friendly and fun people, who like to make new friends, I was born here and every time I come back I get a little knot of pure happiness in my heart .

My country is well know for the abundance of flora and fauna, with tropical forest, wet lands, cloud, dry  and rain forest.  Our geography is cover with volcanoes, rivers, mountains and beaches on the coast, all of those natural beauties are the delight of the locals and foreign visitors.

The beauty of each area

We are surrounded by both, the  pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea, both very different…

With this privileged geographic location, the country has beautiful weather all year around,  with an average climate of 80 degrees (26 Celsius ) in the mountain areas and 85 ( 30 Celsius ) at the coast .  Our  2 seasons are ; dry season from end of December to end of April, and green (rainy) season from beginning of May to beginning of December .

I particularly like the first 3 months of rain, because everywhere looks greener and happier , and normally we have sunny mornings with  short showers.

Caribbean is green, lush and mysterious, with wild nature, isolated beaches, cozy bungalows built in the jungle with recycled materials and  they  have a unique gastronomy where coconut and “chile”  are the king and queen, the Afro-Caribbean culture seems to be suspended in   time.
at the northeast of the country, we have  the enigmatic wetland of Tortuguero, home of the green turtle that comes every year to reproduce at this coast , where there is an excellent work on preservation orchestrated by the locals and the businesses in the area.

The other side; the pacific, is blue and you can find a lot of developments here. The beautiful pacific coast goes from Guanacaste, up north with dry forest and the most amazing beaches, continuing with  the popular central pacific where the tropical forest is home to a big variety of wild life, ending at  the south, where Corcovado surprises us with its primary forest. This is the place with the Tapir, a legendary creature lives ,and hundreds  of humpback whales come every year looking for the warm waters of our coast .

The cloud forest of Monteverde is always green, this town seems to be sleepy among the mist and the slow pace, however, if you look carefully, you will find a town of farmers and Quakers that has preserved this natural paradise and turned it into their homes.  Cows, quetzals, cheese and rain, Monteverde is a sustainable reality.

The northern mountains, where the recently dormant  Arenal Volcano has allowed a full town to live their lives around the tourist business.  Hotels, restaurants, and adventure tours  are the enjoyment of   many visitors. Admiring this colossal mountain on a clear day is impressive.

Nature in Costa Rica is breathtaking, you can enter a magical forest when you visit the area of Santa Maria de Dota, but also get a deep jungle experience just by visiting the canals at Tortuguero or have a wild life first hand encounter at the marvelous National park at Manuel Antonio.

Today 25% of our territory has been declared protected area and this is the reason why our diversity keeps growing and is one of the most attractive reasons to visit Costa Rica.

 Interesting facts about Costa Rica 

  • Our nickname is Ticos and Ticas, because when we speak we add diminutives to many words, like chiquito ( small) chiquitito .
  • One of the 5  “blue zones” of the world is located in Costa Rica, specifically in the town of Nicoya, Guanacaste, north pacific. Here most of the local people surpass the age of 100 years .
  • At the south pacific, there is an area call Bahia Ballena ( Whale Bay ) because it has the perfect shape of a whale’s tail when you see it from the air.
  • 5% of the world biodiversity is found in Costa Rica .
  • We don’t have an army since 1949.
  • 98% of the energy we consume is renewable since 2014.
  • Gallo pinto is the meal we all like to eat for breakfast, is a mix of rice and beans and people from other countries think we eat too much rice and beans, but we are pretty sure, there is never enough of it !! 

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